The land of the Guaraní: Stunning Iguazú

Misiones- Our honeymoon tour last year was an unforgettable trip around Argentina that took us to Buenos Aires, south to Patagonia, and north to Iguazú. I have been to Argentina before but never made the trip to this magical spot, Iguazú, where you can see Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. My husband and traveling partner had never been to this spectacular country, so I enjoyed showing it to him, until we reached Iguazú. We were not prepared for such beauty. Several friends told us to stay just a couple of days, to see the impressive falls and call it a day. I am so glad we did not listen and took almost a week to explore this UNESCO Wold Heritage Site. Going on a boat so close to Garganta del Diablo in Iguazu Falls was more exhilarating than we could imagine. But there is so much more to discover. We explored the jungle, its fauna, went canopying, rappelling down a fall, and found the perfect restaurant here: La Rueda. We also got to see and learn about the Guaraní population. For long, indigenous peoples in Argentina have been treated like second class citizens, subjected to discrimination with their human rights ignored. In recent months, their claims and demands have started to gain traction on the political and social agenda in Argentina. We took the time to see where they live and ask about their lives and left with a much broader picture. Simply stunning. When you visit, try to stay at the Loi Suites Hotel. It's so exquisite you will have trouble leaving it, and its unique pools were where we landed exhausted at the end of each day.

Happy small detours!

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