The laid back surfer's town that you will adore.

Rincón- This surfer's town on the west tip of Puerto Rico is one of my top five favorites on the island. If don't relax here, I guarantee you will not relax anywhere. As it happens, to go with the flow, be friendly and relax is part of Rincon's idiosyncrasy. The town it's been literally occupied by expats and surfers from all over the world, since this is a famous surf destination. Through it all, it maintains its small town vibe but with excellent cuisine and activities to cater to its many visitors. My absolute favorite restaurants here are the sublime Estela, the famous Tamboo Tavern and Shipwreck Restaurant. If it's Sunday, stroll by the farmers market on the plaza to enjoy the food and produce or go to The English Rose (reserve!). Stop by Playero store for the coolest bikinis, swimsuits and surf gear and have a drink at Calypso Grill overlooking Maria's Beach. Here you will find the famous Road 413 aka Road to Happiness (yes, they have a street with that name!). Also, look for Damiano Tellini who, along with his lovely Japanese wife, owns Rincón Paddle Boards and will get you anything you need to have fun in the ocean. As it happens, one day he traveled to Rincón to surf and made this town his home. I love people with that fearlessness and frees spirit. We talked about everything, including his mamma Italiana recipes. He then send us straight to Mangia Mi nearby where we had a sublime and genuine Italian meal. If you are in Puerto Rico, I assure you, its true beauty is not in San Juan. Take the small detour to this place of happiness. You will remember it!

Detour and blend. Always.

This best describes Rincón.

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