La Pecora Nera

Buenos Aires- As everyone knows Italian culture and gastronomy has an enduring influence in Argentina. But this place, La Pecora Nera, is simply outstanding. The Argentinian chef, Daniel Hansen, creates a delicious Italian Mediterranean cuisine that is heaven (and we know Italian cuisine very well). Do make a reservation. That we got in without one was sheer luck (another one of those small detours miracles of ours) and order the ossobuco risotto, please, as you people watch. All the grand bourgeois usual suspects, impeccably dressed, of the beautiful Recoleta area will be there to remind you of Evita's era. Argentina may have been colonized by Spain, but it is obvious that the Italians had an equal influence over many areas of Argentine life, such as politics, food, fashion and language. Recoleta, Comuna 2.

Happy Small Detours!

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