A magical unscheduled stop in Chile

Chile- We were on assignment covering politics in Chile when, during our last day, we received an invitation from one of the gentlemen in charge of Chile's biggest vineyards, Concha y Toro. Of course, we dropped everything and ran there immediately. We spend a lovely afternoon tasting their many wines and varietals, but to me, the real treat was the venue itself. Such a whimsical hacienda surrounded by green and a bit of fog. I felt quiet and peaceful in this pastoral picture walking around. Founded in 1883 by Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, this winery now has vineyards all over Chile. The original, with its stone cellars and photogenic fields, is still in Pirque and we ended doing a story about them as well. Today they produce some 20 million cases of wine, most for export. Chile has 733 wine producers in its 2,600-mile strip of land between mountains and the ocean. We were so lucky to see this!

Happy Small Detours!

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