Piano, Bass and Trumpet with a twist of Woody...

Recoleta, Buenos Aires- It was a mesmerizing evening full of surprises. During daytime, we set to get to know Argentina's rich music culture in depth starting with at a view of Teatro Colon, several small detours at music stores, collecting stories from Carlos Gardel to Fito Paez, and listening to the the evolution of those folk music into pop.

We saw a wonderful show of Tango that evening, that narrated with music and dance the history of this romantic and dramatic music, with a 14 on stage music ensemble, dancers and singers that put on a show that Broadway would envy. At the return to our hotel we found this intimate great jazz club, "The Jazz Voyeur" where we met wonderful musician Manuel Fraga, and his trio playing Woody Allen's movies music scores. In a mix of wit, music and jokes, Manuel told us about his love for those scenes and we were mesmerized by his magical interpretation of them. Catch him in Recoleta Melia Hotel, a gorgeous space that was the former home of Evita Peron.

Happy Small Detour!

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