A (hungry) detour between Portugal and Spain

Monter o Novo- The Small Detour is about being spontaneous while traveling so you can let yourself be carried away by the surprises that can be found when you leave your schedule behind. This was a great one last April. During our road trip around Portugal and Spain, on our way to Mérida from Lisbon, we got so hungry we stopped at the first little town we saw. It turned out to be Montemor o Novo where the locals saw us clearly lost and happily took us to their favorite taberna, Cervejaria "O Escondidinho". They sat there as well, talking and watching us eat. It was so sublime, and not a tourist in sight, needless to say. The air light glob of goat-cow mix cheese they brought spontaneously with olives and fresh bread alone was worth the stop. And the veal... so tender and perfectly cooked. So chatted a bit with the locals, thanked them, drank wine and an amazing meal, that cost us little over 20 euro. So worth the stop!

Happy Small Detour!

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