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New Orleans- It was New Year's Eve and in New Orleans, you barely sleep even without that excuse. The night before we went bar hopping and getting into the Cajun Spirit (and flavors) among locals and visitors. The last day of 2015 we decided to get some magnificent breakfast that would last us for few hours, for the long day ahead, and started walking without direction looking for the perfect place to have our last brunch of the year. One after the other, at 11 o'clock in the morning, all breakfast places were already closed or packed. But that is what this blog is all about: I told my wife, "Let's just flow, and I assure you we will find a place with breakfast, coffee and live jazz". She looked at me with a "go-with-the-flow-coffee less-look", but went along, and within a few minutes we arrived at this backdoor patio that had it all, plus a great ensemble of students that besides practice, get tips, food and cheers from all of the patrons. It's always good to wander and find big and small wonders around.

Happy Small Detours!

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