The Cunas from Panamá

One of the most unforgettable journeys of my life happened in the San Blas Islands in Panama where I traveled (by airplane and then canoe) to film a documentary on the kuna population. It was simply magical, like I left this world and landed in a universe of colors, sea, dolphins, hammocks, molas and coconut rice. The Kuna are famous for their bright molas, a colorful textile art form. Mola panels are used to make the blouses of the Kuna women's national dress, which is worn daily by many Kuna women. Mola means "clothing" in the Kuna language. There I slept in a hammock out in the open with the sound of the sea. Will never forget it. If you go to Panamá make The Small Detour and fly to this enchanted islands so rich in culture and beauty. Happy Small Detour!


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