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Traveling is the passion of many. Discovering  places off schedule, taking the risk of small or big detours, not so much. I started traveling this sublime earth as a teenager, with a backpack and staying at youth hostels. Since then, I have circled the globe several times, but the constant element in my trips, it's the fact that I live the most memorable moments when I go off script, and plunge into The Small Detour. This site is to inspire you to take your own. 


COLOMBIA: Bogotá | MEDEllín

new york: new york 


August 22, 2017

Buenos Aires- As everyone knows Italian culture and gastronomy has an enduring influence in Argentina. But this place, La Pecora Nera, is simply outstanding. The Argentinian chef, Daniel Hansen, creates a delicious Italian Mediterranean cuisin...

August 19, 2017

Florence- Buca dell' Orafo is a tiny basement wine cellar turned intro a restaurant near medieval Ponte Vecchio. I have to confess I just wandered in because it's so picture perfect it resembles a still life painting. I knew nothing about the...

May 6, 2015

Venice- It's an impossible task to try to pick a favorite museum in Italy (it's Italy! Every other building is a museum) but I adore the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. I am also fascinated by her novelesque life and the fact that decad...

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